Blog 8th December 2006

Friday, December 08, 2006

Just got a letter from Slipstream..


Hi Mike,
Just wanted to let you know Gordon is doing well and is coping without his other bodyparts, he was a little upset when you left, as all kids do when they first go to school. Well since you've been away Gordon and Martin have bonded and a great friendship has blossomed, I think we will all miss him when he's gone. He's always messing around and he makes us laugh all the time, he's really happy now he's found a new family and we're all taking good care of him. The operation will take place soon and he will of course be tranquilised before we give him a heart transplant. Here's Martin and Gordon yesterday, Martin won't put him down for 5 minutes, trying to get any work done around here is a nightmare! Well better go I can hear everyone freaking, must mean Gordon's done another number two over the work-bench, muggings here has to go and clean it upů.

Mark - Slipstream Tuning