Blog 21st October 2006

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Weekend thoughts


I've had several ideas over the weekend and made some calls, and now have to make the most important decision of all about this project.
Where do I want to end up on the grid!
I'm confident that with a heap a cash thrown at it the front row is a definite possibility, however, a heap of cash I ain't got.
As soon as it arrives on Monday the first thing to do is weigh it to give me a starting point. I have no illusions it's going to have to go through a big weight loss programme but that in itself will eat into the budget.
Next is to strip it down to its base constituents, engine, frame, folks, wheels etc. and see how much that lot weighs, this will then give me a more accurate target weight to aim for.

So lets see what Monday brings. Oooh I'm getting excited.