Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Gordon in a grump...

I am going to have to spend some time with Gordon - I called at the garage today, and he was in a right grump at having being ignored for the last couple of weeks.
When his mates returned home and filled him in with details of the Jawa I had been riding at Most he was feeling a bit left out. I assured him it was just a test and I was looking forward to the next race with him.
There are a few jobs to be done before Donington all of which Steve and I will be able to get done over the weekend.
It's difficult as Gordon lives in a garage near houses, so if I want to fire him up, I have to take him to a remote pub in the Yorkshire Dales. The customers don't mind as most of them are bikers anyway. I am a bit disheartened to find out that at Donington we only have 2 x 8 minute sessions on track before the race, so that's not many laps to try stuff out - wow. I have not had chance to test the new fork set up and with the limited time we have to test (on the day) I will have to do a bit of guess work and just get on with it!

We are off up to The Sun Inn tomorrow night to generate some more interest in his 100 Club and hopefully sell some more membership places. See you up there!