Saturday, June 16, 2007

Changing the charge.


I think the vibration is causing the gel batteries to fail. I've just done a back to back test running Gordon up with both the gel and a wet acid battery kindly lent by the Smith sisters; the gel battery caused the bike to cut out. I have just fitted the traditional wet battery for tomorrows race.



No joy today.

As we were forming the grid I had to pull off the start line and let the race go without us. Gordon just simply cut out. Something electrical. It was exactly like at the start of the week when I had to replace the battery. Bugger.




Front row start.


Third on the grid, not bad. Only problem being that me and Gordon are the only big bike amongst six minimonos with Glen and my old bike on Pole!

Plan: get to the first corner first and make myself as big as possible, slow them all down and see just how many "buffalo girls can go round the outside..."




jobs to attend to.


While we are waiting for the official time sheets I am attending to a couple of jobs that need doing. Got a bit of adjustment to do to the fairing now that I've changed the tyre profile.




Untimed practice.

Ten minutes. I only did six or so as Gordon felt like he was holding back a bit like at Silverstone the other day. So far so good. Timed session in an hour.