Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Job done.


So the day has definitely been worthwhile. I changed the front tyre profile from a 110 to a 120 and it's given me lots more confidence in the front end now.
Thanks to Roy at Slipstream and Steve Jordan for their help yesterday; Hottrax for today, it was good to see the Monkeys - and safe to say that it's a bloody good job I called in at Silverstone on the way home!


good job...


Its good that I am having chance to fiddle with things there would be no time at Pembrey. Already had to have the carbs apart, got bits of Snetterton in them - and replaced the battery.

Monkey-ing around.


Here we are testing the re build at Silverstone courtesy of Hottrax trackdays. Gordon is sharing a garage with all his mates from