Thursday, April 05, 2007

Up up and away.


Off to Cadwell in the morning - bizarrely enough, I'm wearing the tshirt given to me by the TZR250-Guys in recognition of when I was last at the circuit in 2006 and airlifted off to hospital. I've just fitted the lovely gear linkage that Peter has made me.
Cheers mate.

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That's what testing is for.

The thing about about Supermonos is that engineering something from scratch is very much a 'work in progress'. I learnt from the crash at Ledenon in respect of how various items performed under the 'crash test situation'.
The exhaust brackets were very strong and survived the crash well, but instead of folding up or bending they transmitted the impact though to the rear sub frame braking one of the support legs! [Memo to self] make the bracket weaker.... it's cheaper than a sub frame...
Peter jumped into action and repaired the old one and made a 'mk 2' version; stronger yet simpler. He has now made a jig, so will soon be in the business of selling them. You can contact Peter Day direct on 07743 388364.