Friday, March 23, 2007

Shark attack!

Good morning from the last day here at Ledenon.

Gordon looks slighty better in the morning sun than I remember leaving him last night.

Can't say the same for my leathers though, they still look like they were mangled in some kind of shark attack!






Without a fairing Gordon looks a mean Street fighter.

However he still was a long way from being right. But after some drastic suspension adjustments he is starting to feel much more the race bike I was looking for.

Lots of work back home to do before his next test prior to the first round at Brands.

If it's good enough for Freddie...

Once I was happy enough with Gordon I got 'Bill' out for a run round.

A BMW R1200S - I was pleasantly surprised how he behaved on track. Once I had dialled the Ohlins suspension in, he was most competent.

The Freddie Spencer school uses the pillion experience to help to assist with the understanding or 'feel' of throttle and braking techniques.

Another of Mariska's excellent photos captures my fellow supermono rider Jan getting an insight.