Sunday, April 13, 2008


Sunday morning warm up.


Just had time to do two laps this morning, everything seems to be okay - just a check as Steve and I have fitted the new callipers, and the brakes seemed to be working...


Gordon looks so gorgeous that Rory from PB magazine just couldn't resist taking some photos of him.


I'm busy chatting to Matt from PB who is having his first go at Supermono racing.


Gordon goes 'bang'

On Sunday I concentrated on Gordon and didn't ride Ming, warm up went well and things looked good for the race.

Another flying start off the line - leading the race on lap one, second corner, and it is all over for Gordon.

The little end broke and the con rod punched a giant hole in the front of the motor breaking the crank cases, barrel and wrecking just about everything in it's path.

Even the front engine mounting was badly damaged bending the mounting bolts. It's amazing how much force is involved when the motor lets go!