Classic Racing Motorcycle Club
Anglesey   9th - 10th July 2016

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Action shots:

The weather was forecast to be atrocious, and it certainly wasn't wrong; there was rain and high winds, we met up with Paul and set up the awning alongside his van and caravan making a good shelter from the weather on Friday afternoon. The scrutinisers had their garage open for business so we took the opportunity to get the bikes through and sign on ready for the morning, then we could have a more relaxed day.

The weather in the morning was awful, the awning was under pressure and even though it had stopped raining hard there was still the odd bit of water coming down.

However, it could have been sea water as the wind was so strong, I didn't really fancy going out in practice but I'd not ridden with Nancy's replacement motor, so I didn't really have much choice!


I did as few laps as necessary to check everything was holding together and really enjoyed blasting round in the rain as the Avons are awesome in the wet.

I felt very confident and caught and past everyone on track including Kevin the Championship leader and the new engine was working well too.


By early Saturday afternoon but before our race the organisers abandoned racing for the day due to the wind mainly and it was time to take the awning down before the wind did it for us.

Anglesey is a beautiful part of the world and even in these conditions there is plenty to see so we drove round the coast for a spot of sight seeing, something we normally never get the chance to do.

Sunday was dry but still very very windy.

I decided to start the first race and see how it went making a decision to continue after a few laps, and after a good start however I was enjoying a good scrap with Kevin again.

We pulled away from the main pack and settled down working out where each of us had strong and weak points. Kevin's bike had the legs on the straight and I would close up on the brakes, with only 6 laps there wasn't too much time to plan stuff but I had to be in front after Rocket at the end of the straight, a good slipstream and some Uber late braking and I was passed.

He past me again on the straight on the last lap but as I went to out brake him there was a yellow flag being waved at Rocket ruining any plans to pass there.


I thought better of trying something into the Corkscrew and followed him over the I had to remember this was the last meeting for me and Nancy and the last thing I needed was to have a ‘off' as her prize draw was at Donington in a few weeks.


With that in mind I settled for second place and a good race.

Race two and off again from pole position having scored the fastest lap in race one.

All seemed to be fine after another good start and it looked like a carbon copy of the first race after the first few laps but Nancy started to loose power in the higher RPM holding back along the straights. Kevin pulled away and I thought there wasn't much point in continuing and possibly damaging the engine so retired. A sad way to end our relationship but a better option than possibly popping another engine. There wasn't the urgency to  look and solve the problem at the circuit as this was the last race of the day. Back home in the garage I found a kinked fuel line near the fuel filter - an easy fix.