Cadwell Park - International Classic Festival
25th - 26th July 2015

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Round five of the Lansdowne series was our second time racing at Cadwell this year.


I had a healthy lead in the series but there is still a long way to go in the Championship so there was no relaxing until there is no mathematical chance of loosing!


There were three races at the weekend two on Saturday and one on Sunday because there were so many Classic parades and races to entertain the spectators in the Cadwell Classic Festival.

Both bikes had new gearboxes to test and run in so we decided to do the practice day on the Friday, the weather looked reasonable so we looked forward to a good day setting up the bikes.Millie and Mork both checked out OK and we did a few sessions to find a good suspension settings, I favoured Mork as I felt the engine was a little quicker and I felt very comfortable at the end of the day.


Ian asked me to run in the Seeley G50 that Michael Rutter is going to ride at the Manx, I had fancied a ride on it anyway so it wasn't a chore banging round on it. It handled very nicely and was very quick even running in I could tell it wanted to get going.

Then the rain came in and we decided to call it a day.


Saturday was damp to start with and as our first session was un timed I decided to give it a miss but by the time our second session came around the sun was out and it was nice and dry.

There was a full grid of bikes out there so finding some decent track time was going to be difficult and unfortunately in my haste to get through the traffic I managed to clip Stuart Tonge's handlebar sending him flying into the Armco entering the chicane.


The red flags came out and we all reformed back in the warm up area. Stuart was shook up but OK thankfully, but I was so upset as it was my fault, all I wanted to do at this point was go home! Practice resumed and I put it out of my mind and stormed round finding a comfortable groove and set a new lap record with a 1:43.9 which was a real surprise.

The schedule for the day was tight and before we knew it they were calling out for the Lansdowne competitors for race one.

The sun was out and after a warm up lap we all roared into turn one for the first time, Duncan Fitchett and Mike Russell out dragged me up the hill and onto the back straight for the first time. Thankfully they were side by side as we approached the braking area and gave me a great tow allowing me to pip Mike into Park corner, I knew if I could get passed Duncan before Mansfield I would stand a good chance of breaking away from the group as we started lap two.


So I made a big lunge round the outside of him as we entered the Gooseneck and pulled the pass before Mansfield, then it was head down and push very hard to break the tow. A quick look back as I crossed the line showed me I had a couple of second lead so pressed on and opened the gap up lap after lap, I felt it was easier to keep the pace up rather than ease back and start making mistakes towards the end.

As we were about to start the last lap the red flags came out again, even going back a lap I still had a seven second lead with Mike second and Chris Firmin third. I also set a new lap record with a 1:43 7 a great start to the weekend.


Race two I made a better start and lead on to the back straight Mike came by just before the braking area but I out braked him into Park, like before I knew I had to get away early so pushed hard again. It worked and like race one I opened up a seven second lead before the flag with another fastest lap of 1:43.8, Mike second and Chris third.

The weather turned for Sunday, it started off very nice for the large crowd that had come along but just as we were rolling down to the warm up area the rain started to come down. This was going to change the whole complex of the race, I had a comfortable lead but I also need to keep adding the points to my tally.

Flag down and we all roared away for the last time again, I got the lead from turn one but this time Alex Sinclair who goes really well in the rain was on the case. I pushed hard but he wasn't letting go. He passed me after a few laps into the first turn but I immediately re passed him to keep control of the race. This happened a few more times but on the last lap I managed to swoop round the outside of him into the Gooseneck and get amongst some back markers, this was just enough to give me a lead to the line.


It was a great race in very challenging conditions as the rain got harder and harder by the end it was like stair rods.

The weekend went so well we couldn't have hoped for better to be honest, Ian and the team were overjoyed too!

The next round is Donington 7-9th August, see you there?

Upcoming Lansdowne Events:

August 7/8/9 Donington 4 races, Classic Festival CRMC
October 2/3/4 Snetterton 300 4 races CRMC